Kiss my cakes!  
                          Incredible, edible Art & faux
                 We bake 'em or fake 'em!
Created by Alexandra Odell Designer & Artist
           Rancho Mirage, California
 ( 760) 779-5854                                                 
A division of
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1.Camellia  fondant flavored
with rose essential oil
2. Lindsey's cake  fondant & buttercream
flavored with essential olis of Rose Otto
3.Tiffany flavored with vanilla & rum
3a. Sugar jewels & edible gold
4.Surf's up! jumbo cupcake
5.Buttons & bows jumbo cupcake fondant
flavored with Clementine essential oil
6.19th hole fondant flavored with
essential oil of lime
7. Happy cake fondant flavored with
8.Dooney & Burke
9.Queen of Sheba flavored with
10.Lady slipper fondant flavored with
essential oil of coffee & Almond extract
11.Pansy fondant is our
super butter flavor
12.Painted lady fondant flavored with
essential oil of Cinnamon
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13. Lavender & lace fondant
flavored with lavender essential oil