Mini cakes and cupcakes
This darling little cupid is an example of our filled
mini. 4 1/2 dia. 3 1/4 high it has a center that can be
filled with just about anything you wish!
These mini cakes are a 3 1/2 square by 1 3/4 high (this is the cake size not
including the decorations.) These are the cakes that are  often collected rather
than eaten. Kept out of direct sunlight and humidity, they will get hard and
durable over time and can stand their own among collections of fine china.
The shell is white
chocolate filled with a
tangerine white chocolate
ganache. Very few have
resisted eating this rich
yellow cake with tangerine
5" tall. Filled with tangerine marmalade
and tangerine buttercream and fondant
flavored with  essential oils of tangerine
Blueberry & Lavender