"One can go to the finest culinary
schools, but it one doesn't have the
talent and the magic touch for
combining textures and flavors,
school was a waste of time and
money." Executive Chef Virginia
Dalbeck (Hells Kitchen season 2.
Gordon Ramsay told Virginia "You
have something that cannot buy or
learn and that is a palate")

Baker & culinary artist Mia Fletcher
comes from a family where she
grew up participating in the planing
and cooking for celebrations and
Mia's mother was known for her extravagant and artistic cakes. Everything
was made from scratch and always had a special theme. "We always looked
forward to our birthdays where our theme was carried out to perfection. Even
baby showers had handmade decorations and handmade clever keepsakes."

"From my experience in developing fragrances for ALEXA NATURALS, I often
use essential oils to flavor fondant, cake, fillings and candies which gives me a
greater palate form which to develop exotic recipes and thrilling flavors than
the limited flavors of spices and herbs found in most culinary kitchens. It is
delightful when people taste my creations not quite able to pick out the
delicious flavors I create."  
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Perfumer & Chef Mia Fletcher